We were blessed with an abundant load of delicious oranges and sweet grapefruits that was mostly distributed locally.  A portion was shared with our friends in Gulfport, Mississippi and on to churches and friends in North Carolina.  Our neighbor, Terry, kindly bridged the gap, manning the mission pantry during our short absence.  He assisted several missionaries and pastors meeting their needs.  Scottie and Samantha also traveled north to assist and bring Tina home.  Brother John Young brought a load of donations from Ohio and joined us in North Carolina.  We ate well, fellowshipped, and got a lot of work done.  After picking up donations, dropping off fruit, medical stock, and cutting our own Christmas trees; we started back toward Louisiana.  We took a rest at Brother Sammy Redden’s home in north Louisiana and woke up to a pure white snow covered wonderland.  Samantha woke to her first snow.  She made several snowmen before missing her coat.  Dawn loaned her some gloves.  She baptized several little snowmen with pine needle hair in the alligator pond.   After breakfast we scooped a little snow from the pickup truck’s hood and made old fashioned snow cream.  Yum. Yum. She will surely remember this day.  We continued to the Old Bethel Church where we received several red and blue backpacks chock full of goodies for the children in Mexico.  The Christians Sharing Christ Church gave us four totes full of school supplies, toys, and other items to stuff gift bags.  We proceeded on to Victory of Longview Texas where they had assembled a large load of school supplies, clothes, toys, and more for us.  They put us up for the night and took us out to a great Chinese buffet.

Back in Texas we coordinated a trip to pick up and deliverer eighteen padded pews, a matching pulpit and communion table.  We called Pastor Mario Vega, assembled a team, and took the box truck and the van and trailer to pick up everything in one trip.  It was a very exhausting day.  His church was very pleased to have the nice pews in their church.  We finished the job and finally got home by 9:30 pm.  The following day we traveled fifty miles back to the donating church and received a moving van load of fantastic donations which included a baptistery, nursery toys, flower arrangements, folding chairs, stackable chairs, bicycles, electronics, shelves, fridge, stove, and more.  Scottie and I delivered gifts, rice and beans to Laredo where we looked at a broken tractor for Brother Bill Waldroup.

We made five trips into Mexico, two delivering pews and three presenting the gospel and passing out gifts.   We worshipped, ate well, and fellowshipped in several churches.  We served 23 pastors and missionaries at the pantry and served 20 more with fruit.  The gifts given and delivered to date add up to 1560.  We are truly thankful for all that you folks have done to bless the children this year.  We received a phone call while on the road asking for a special pink bicycle that was on sale for a limited time for a little girl in Mexico.  Since we couldn’t be in two places at once, I called Marie Morris who gladly rose to the occasion and purchased the exact bike that was required.  We are truly thankful for a friend who is there when you need her.  Later we were able to deliver the bike, a refrigerator and other items to the family. She is now riding the bike without assistance.  Brother Andrew Shields came through loaded his truck with chairs, shelves, a table, curtains, towels, a microwave oven, and other items to set up a new home.  He mentioned having battery cable problems causing his vehicle to be undependable.  I asked him to pop the hood and installed a new one and cleaned the battery posts for him.

Faithfully yours,
The De Hart family

Missionaries to Mexico