The calendar that we operate from was double scheduled across three states this month.  Scottie and I took care of Tennessee and North Carolina while Dawn, Tina, and Samantha covered the ministry in Texas.  We arranged to set up an exhibit table at the exhibition center of the Baptist Friends Conference at Temple Baptist Church in Powell Tennessee.  We heard lots of wonderful preaching from a variety of preachers culminating with Pastor Todd Bell speaking.  We were honored to sit at the feet of Pastor Clarence Sexton with other Christian workers and preachers.  We gladly listened to his words of wisdom and experience.  During the six sessions, he covered true worship, and the shepherd and the sheep.  My note taking skills were a bit rusty in the beginning but after a couple of days, I was able to keep up better.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve been a student.  I was recognized by a young missionary’s daughter who exclaimed, “you’re Ted De Hart and you gave us a bunk bed down in Mexico.”  It took a little bit for me to place her, but then it clicked.  This was Leah Burnette.  I remember this grown-up college student as a tiny girl playing with a tea set and riding herd on a younger brother.   I am truly thankful for some special opportunities to present the gospel and counsel people with willing hearts that occurred during our travels.  We returned to NC to pick up donations from Anchor Baptist Church, Sister Rose, bicycles from the Bishops, and the Taylors.  We stayed over a little longer to coordinate with the authorities and a developer concerning our building site.

On the return trip, four of the eight lug nut studs were mangled and four others broke off of the left rear dually wheel on the box truck near Chattanooga.  Apparently, they loosened up over about the last 6,000 miles.  The parts we ordered that arrived from Atlanta the next day, would not fit.  The Ford dealership found some for us that were too long but otherwise okay.  They delivered them to us at Sam’s where we broke down.  Our friend from International Board of Jewish Missions came over and took me to Harbor Freight where I purchased a side grinder.  I cut off and modified each of the eight studs and made them work without having to remove the axles.  This took all day. Then IBJM allowed us to spend another night and we continued on to Texas with no further problems.  We offer our sincere thanks to IBJM for their help and also to Brother Nate Lee and his wife Rebecca who gave us a ride to our room and a homemade lunch.

Back in Texas, Sister Cathren Lee brought Bibles, blankets, and scarves.  Her son, James and family, stuffed 65 animals, made 140 wordless books, wrapped toothbrushes, sorted items and assembled 200  Mother’s Day gift bags for the ladies in Mexico.  Tina and Samantha came over and assisted with the work and had a day at the trampoline park.  Pastor Ben Glosson brought material from Georgia, Bibles, snacks, clothes, dresses, sheets, socks, kitchenware and more.  Donations also came in from Sister Aleshia, Brother and Sister Sherfinski, Sister Linda Gongora, and Brother Armando Ortiz Jr.

Faithfully yours,
The De Hart Family

Missionaries to Mexico