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The following is the letter from Ted and Dawn De Hart my parents veteran missionaries, my partners, and my missionary co-laborers.
I am so thankful for their continued faithfulness through the tough times.
They have faithfully guided and encouraged me on the deputation trail.


De Hart Ministries 2600 Sunset Blvd Mission TX 78574 Cell 956-357-0617
E-Mail teddehart@Juno.com Macgyver’s Monthly Jan 2019

Sister Jane Garza accompanied Dawn and I on a trip to Miguel Aleman, Mexico.  We had several items to deliver including some buckets with in line filters that purify water for drinking which Brother AJ Crosby provided for free distribution along with a Bible for each kit.  Sister Jane explained the use and care for the filtering system.  We assembled one and started filling a clean five gallon water bottle.  We all had a cup which tasted great.  Praise the Lord.  The pastor was really pleased with the system and said that it would save him the two dollars a day that he was currently spending on clean water.  We unloaded the padded chairs and other things and enjoyed a wonderful leisurely meal that the pastor’s wife prepared for us.Dawn and I delivered an electric organ, lots of Christian literature, and produce to Brother Samuel’s Bible Institute in Monterrey.  The students unloaded the organ and were playing it just a few minutes after it was out of the van.  The ladies prepared a wonderful meal and we fellowshipped for a while.

Brother AJ and Sister Merlene Crosby and Brother Tommy came down from Georgia and delivered a trailer load of donations including clothes, dishes, buckets, water filters, and more.  They and Brother Elsberry helped us in the house, pantry, and started building a bathroom for the pantry/warehouse.  We were covered up with donations coming in and national pastors and families arriving to shop at the same time.  Dawn broke out the honey do list and was able to x off several items that I had been unable to take care of due to my health.  What a blessing our friends have been to us and the ministry.

Brother Ismael, Sister Christy, and family came by to pick up their accumulated mail and packages and shop in the pantry.  Brother Rick Shields dropped off some clothes donations and picked up three light fixtures, 60 Hallmark stuffed owl toys, two cases of garlic, 50 pounds of rice and 50 pounds of beans.  Brother Mike and Sister Lydia Lemma picked  up 40 gift stockings, lots of clothes, cloth diapers, bars of soap, school supplies, and such.

More needed donations came in from Brother and Sister Sherfinski, Brother and Sister Homberg, Pan de Vida, Brother AJ, of course, Brother Armando, Sister Jane Lininger, Sister Jane Garza, Brother Oscar and Sister Nicki, Brother Gabriel, Sister Shirley Baker, Judi Elsberry, Peggy Link-Jones, Brother Mark, Fellowship Baptist Church, and surely I’ve missed a few but we are thankful to each and every one who helps sustain this work with usable items.

We received a call from Brother Bob Smith who operates a soul winning witnessing campaign at flea markets indicating that he was short on English tracts and materials.  The majority of our material is always Spanish but we were able to send five cases of bi- lingual tracts, 8 small boxes of tracts, prophesy Bibles, study books, and foldable tracts.   National pastors Abraham Alvarado and Salvadore Espines shopped at the pantry and found 60 joy bags for children, clothes, shoes, flower seeds, ice chests, scarves, mittens, hats, notebooks, towels, flashlight, watch, and clothes.

Please pray for our improvement in health and for Scottie and family as they are raising support.

Faithfully yours,
The De Hart family