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Once again there were more opportunities to serve this month than space will allow so we’ll just hit the high spots.  Way of the Cross provided abundant food donations for the ministry, so much that I interrupted a very busy forklift driver and asked him to load 4 pallets of food into our truck.  Then we wouldn’t have to load them by hand.  Stephen graciously met our need.  A little later he mentioned that he was a youth pastor and was moving back to Missouri soon.  We volunteered to check our schedule and possibly combine a trip up north to assist him.  When the day arrived, Stephen and his friends loaded the truck and we proceeded to deliver his household goods to his home and family.  The trip was uneventful except for the tanker truck that kicked up a large stone smashing my new windshield which was less than 24 hours old and still had the blue tape securing it.  When I replace it, I will buy the 100 dollar cheaper Chinese glass and hope it lasts longer.  We proceeded to north Louisiana where our friends at Ace Hardware gave us another pallet of blue 6 inch tile and several interior doors for a couple of churches that are under construction.   Back in Texas, Tina and Samantha helped unload Spanish Gospel tracts for Brother Gibson.

The perfect piano was donated for one of the churches in Miguel Aleman.  Some of the keys have been marked which should help the pastor’s son learn to play.  We were really thankful that Sister Jane Garza had accompanied us and she, Scottie, the pastor, and some ladies in the church carried the piano up a bank and steps into the sanctuary.   Phew!  The pastor took a cloth and started joyfully polishing the Texas dust from the piano.  The pastor’s smile spoke volumes.  We also unloaded Mother’s Day gifts, Father’s Day gifts, clothes, toys, food, teaching materials, and Girl Scout cookies.  The ladies had prepared scrumptious giant Vera Cruz banana leaf wrapped tamales, corn shuck tamales, rice, and hot spicy soft pork skin salsa which will really wake up your mouth in a great way.
We were happy to provide English and Spanish hymnbooks for Brother Saenz to use as he ministers to the daycare elderly.  Eight national pastors and missionaries have availed their ministries to the bountiful supplies at our pantry.  The Girl Scout cookies that Brother Eduardo provided are always a big hit for everyone.  Please pray for Tina as she recovers from a total knee replacement and God’s continued blessing as she heals.

Donations have flooded in from several states meeting the needs of many and keeping Dawn and family busy restocking.  Many of the donations that came through the Hombergs are already in service in Mexico.  The air conditioner that Brother Sherfinski sent is also already in service.  It never ceases to amaze us when we see the items arrive and immediately meet someone’s need in one swoop.  We have begun supplying Brother David Hitchcock, a friend of Scottie’s, who attends to the needs of many people just across the Rio Grande in Mexico and on this side of the border.  It’s a special blessing to meet a tireless Christian worker who has a heart for those in need of both physical and spiritual things.

Faithfully yours,
The De Hart family