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The following is the letter from Ted and Dawn De Hart my parents veteran missionaries, my partners, and my missionary co-laborers.
I am so thankful for their continued faithfulness through the tough times.
They have faithfully guided and encouraged me on the deputation trail.

De Hart Ministries 2600 Sunset Blvd Mission TX 78574 Cell 956-357-0617
E-Mail   Macgyver’s Monthly Feb-March 2019

You never imagine the happiness a little cool weather can bring especially if you have a pallet of fresh garlic in your truck that is open through to the cab.  Dawn put our suitcases in sealed plastic bags to no avail.  Over 4 days on the road the garlic smell permeated everything.  The lady at the hotel commented that I smelled delicious.  I suppose that she likes Italian food.  We tarried in San Antonio at the VA for a small medical procedure and then drove on to North Carolina.  We delivered most of the garlic to Anchor Baptist and a few oranges for our friends.  They gave us paint, lentils, split peas, an outside door, windows, food, and more.  We had a wonderful visit with Victory Baptist Church of Sylva.  We were really happy and thankful for the great job done leveling the property for Scottie’s home and proposed ministry donation collection point in Bryson City NC.  It seemed to have rained almost every day during the last part of our stay.  After carefully descending the wet steps, I executed a muddy split culminating in an abrupt stop facing downhill.  A landscape timber broke my fall cracking a rib.  It only hurt when I breathed deep, coughed, or laughed.  I’m all recovered at the time of this writing.We were thankful to spend the night in Corpus Christi at the Lester Roloff place where we dropped off some split peas, lentils and pillows for their ministries.  At the mission, Fernando and Christy came by for a visit and to shop.  They took some water filter buckets, Bibles and much more.  We really value a chance to fellowship with these awesome missionaries.  Jane Lininger came by with a young lady who needed help.   Harold Faugher asked me to cut an 8 inch piece off of a stick of railroad track.  He needed a small anvil.  The metal saw that Pastor Potter gave me years ago cut it like butter and perfectly straight too.   Wow what a awesome saw.

Frank and Sue Kingsley, missionaries that Scottie met in Georgia, called us and stopped by for a couple days to help and brought us some literature.  We enjoyed lots of rich fellowship and Scottie came over for the day.  We certainly appreciate their willingness to help around the mission.  Sue also assisted Dawn and Geri to assemble nearly 200 busy bags for the children.  Norman repaired the soffets on our roof.  Bibleville delivered seven cases of Romans, the Hombergs brought tote bags, backpacks, and bookmarks,  Geri and  Norman donated tracts, toys, and clothes,  Abbey gave clothes and toys, our friends at Fellowship church donated baby food and steel roof rafters, and Spanish books from De Dorman’s ministry, Armando sent donations including plaques containing Christian quotes, the Browns gave bathtubs and sinks,  Raul donated clothes, books, and toys,  Leo sent clothes and shoes,  Peggy sent several boxes containing dresses skirts, toys and other clothes.   Lynn Anderson gave homemade dolls and other donations. The industrious and hard working Christian High School group led by Tammy Brewer came down from Maryland eager to volunteer their services to help several missionaries here in the valley.  They mixed about half a million Spanish Gospel tracts, dug out, formed, mixed and poured some concrete to extend a corner for our fork lift, they moved and leveled dirt and filled holes, they carried a large shelf unit to the workshop.  They moved other shelves into the pantry.  These wonderful students did more work in a couple days than we could have accomplished by ourselves in a month or two.  Several pastors came by to shop at the pantry and Brother Paul Vigil.  Please pray for Scottie and family as they seek support.

Faithfully yours,
The De Hart family