This month started with the notification that a very special close friend whose friendship spanned over four decades had went home to be with the Lord.  Missionary Mrs. Betty Beckon, 93 years old, was lovingly referred to as Ma by several Christian Airman assigned to CCK AFB in Taiwan.  She and her family narrowly escaped from China by tossing the seats out of a small airplane and dipping into the valleys so her  newborn child could breathe.  After fleeing the Communist occupation they brought the gospel to the Taiwanese people for many years.  Her home was a haven for airmen to escape life in military quonset huts.   She guided me through my first reading of the entire Bible and had great impact on my life and love for missions.  I was honored to be asked to speak at her memorial service in SC.  We stopped briefly in NC to pick up an extremely heavy three door refrigerated cooler donated by Village Florist and Amber Shuler.  Several very strong men really put their back and arms into getting the unit outside.   Getting it on to the borrowed trailer seemed an impossible task.  Someone called for a forklift assist to Clampitt's hardware and praise God, they sent a driver and lift to save everyone's backs.  Amen.  I called ahead,  Brother Chris Lail arranged for another forklift to get it into the trailer.  Hallelujah!  Carrie and Pastor Dan Kaighen realized our need and brought us a large six hp air compressor from Connecticut.   My dream has come true.  We had little time together but we walked up Deep Creek and I bragged on all the blessings that Swain County has to offer. 

     During this same time, Scottie, Tina and Samantha were in Texas leading a group of high school seniors from a Christian school in Maryland.   These students bagged 3,000 pounds of pinto beans, four barrels of rice, broke down 500,000 tracts into mixed boxes for small village evangelism, painted pallet racks, loaded them and more.  The extension of the mission pantry was dried in, insulated and ready to receive the semi load that Brother Chris and Karen Lail brought down from Waynesville, NC.  Pastor Bryan Bond and several volunteers from Fellowship church, my neighbor, Terry, Scottie and the rest of us worked several hours unloading the semi.  We received tables, chairs, night stands, bed frames, coffee tables, dressers, TV cabinets, appliances, clothes, sheets and more.  What a wonderful blessing these folks have been to the ministers in Mexico.  Al Gaddi from an orphanage near Saltillo came and picked out 8 nightstands, chairs, tables and other furniture for their facility.  We filled up the 15 passenger van with furniture, clothes, 10 cases of tracts and John/Romans, a large tote full of spiral notebooks, pencils, crayons, a projector and screen, two water filtration systems, a fine piano keyboard, Onan generator, bicycle, and other great stuff.  We drove about 9 and a half hours to Missionary Fernando and Christy Angeles home among the Tenek Indians.  We enjoyed great fellowship and food.  We delivered some of the items to another missionary, Brother Matt Cole and his family.  This was of course after I replaced the brake master cylinder on our van which failed.     Back in Texas Scottie and I drove about 11 hours north to pick up several padded wooden pews.  Some great Christians gave us several water purifying units to give away.  Two buckets are stacked with a filter between.  You pour water in the top and pure clean water comes out the bottom bucket.  I can only guess what this will mean to the folks currently buying bottled water in Mexico.

Faithfully yours,

Teddy, Dawn, Scottie

Missionaries to Mexico